/Valji proizvodnja valjev in ulitkov d.o.o.
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Valji proizvodnja valjev in ulitkov d.o.o.

Valji d.o.o. is a producer of rolls and castings for Metallurgy, Rubber and plastic production and equipment. Company originates from the long history of Yugoslavian steel mills. Currently the company employs around 200 people, has 23 mio of yearly turnover and produces around 9.000t of products. Our biggest markets are: Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, India and Europe. We export more than 90% of our products world-wide. We have our departments for R&D, Quality control and also complete production process from drawings, melting, heat treatment to machining and assembly.

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

  • Eureka Roptim No. 4302-2/2006/172
  • RIP09-Projekt OROLAS
  • JR ESRR – projekt LENS

Main tasks and responsibilities within VULKANO

VALJI furnace in one of the two demonstrator of VULKANO project. VALJI Company will lead WP8 in which the integrated retrofitting solution of VULKANO project will be implemented in its preheating mould furnace.

Moreover, previously in WP2 VALJI also leading the task related to the operational conditions at demo site

Demo provider