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Phase Change Material Products LTD

PCM Products provides PCM technologies and applications from initial concept, research and development stages to production and distribution from its offices and manufacturing facility in the UK and PCM Products Licensed outlets around the world which offer bespoke products to meet unique customer requirements.

Although PCM products is based in the UK, much of its business is throughout the world and they are currently active in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle and Far East. These activities are involved in both the installation of their products and through their international network.

PCM Products is specialize in Phase Change Material (PCM) technologies and offer specialized design, prototype and final production development services for more than 17 years and developed many interesting products and applications which base seen in its webpage. PCM products offers full confidentiality from conception to completion and helped many partners to commercialize the concept and manufacture the products they need.

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

PCM Products Ltd. is actively involved on R&D and new products development projects with many Industrial and Academic institutions around the World in the past and have already carried out with many UK and EEC funded projects have been undertaken either as a lead partner or supporting partner.

Main tasks and responsibilities within VULKANO

PCM Products will search, explore and develop suitable PCM materials and also will come up with a technical & commercially acceptable option in VULKANO project. PCM Products will developed the required PCM solutions and associated products applicable to the project aims.

In particular, PCM Products leads task 3.2 to obtain a PCM solution at high temperature to recover heat from flue gases

Technical & commercial solutions