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Centro Sviluppo Materiali

The Centro Sviluppo Materiali (CSM) is a fully private innovation centre that employs 230 researchers and has extensive experiences for the development and application of innovative processes and materials. Today CSM is part of RINA Group, which is a global provider of classification, certification, testing, inspection and training services to assist clients in a wide range of business sectors as Marine, Energy, Transport & Infrastructures, Business Assurance, Environment and Innovation. CSM is a leading centre for applied research founded in 1963 by Italy’s major steel industry. Its research activities are mainly related to the modelling and design of materials and products, optimization and development of processes, development of innovative pilot plants and reduction of environmental impact. With a staff of about 230 researchers, CSM is a private enterprise that ranks amongst Europe’s top Materials Research Centres.

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

  • Innovative refractory materials in high temperature oxy-fuel reactors (WP1) within the MacPlus project (Material-Component Performance-driven Solutions for Long-Term Efficiency Increase in Ultra Supercritical Power Plants) financed by Research 7 Framework Programme of the European community
  • OR3 Ceramic tiles – Italian FAR-MITGEA Project, Project No. RBIP064N2X of the Italian University and Research Ministry

Main tasks and responsibilities within VULKANO

CSM will carry out laboratory tests – before installing the refractory in the furnaces chosen – to verify the refractory behavior in extreme conditions that will simulate the industrial process in an accelerated way. The analysis of refractory samples (from laboratory experiments and from pilot and industrial plants taken in different zones of the reactor, characterized by different thermal and chemical conditions) will be carried out to identify the mechanisms governing refractory degradation (erosion, corrosion, thermal shock, spalling, etc.).

Expert in refractory materials