//IFRF2018 Conference “Clean, efficient and safe industrial combustion”

IFRF2018 Conference “Clean, efficient and safe industrial combustion”

On 30-31 May 2018, the IFRF2018 Conference “Clean, efficient and safe industrial combustion” was held in Sheffield, UK. During the conference, one could listen to papers on the development of low-emission gas burners, Power-to-gas technology and adding hydrogen to gas networks, modern measurement techniques (based on Laser Induced Phosphorescence), development of oxy-fuel technology, new EC directive for medium combustion plants and issues related to the implementation of CCS technology.

IEn representatives, Jarosław Hercog (PhD) and Robert Lewtak(PhD), presented results of VULKANO project carried out in the Department of Thermal Processes (CPC) with cooperation with Fundación CIDAUT, Investigación y Desarrollo en Transporte y Energía, Spain:

Numerical investigations of the natural gas and syngas co-firing in the burners dedicated for natural gas“, B. Świątkowski, R. Lewtak, P. Jóźwiak, M. C. Calleja, L. Aldea, H. O. Gomez, A. Kiedrzyńska, J. Hercog.

The work concerned the possibility of using existing gas burners for co-firing natural gas and syngas.

A poster titled “Leading the change towards eco-efficient furnaces. VULKANO project. Novel integrated refurbishment solution as the key path towards creating eco-efficient and competitive furnaces“, summarizing the VULKANO project main objectives was also presented.

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