//Partners planned the last year of the project in RINA facilities

The partners of VULKANO met in Rome during the second week of December to review the progress of the project in 2018, as well as to plan the upcoming demonstration and validation tasks to be carried out in 2019, which will be the last year of the project.

 From this meeting, it is remarkable the great collaboration between the partners, the demonstration leaders and the solution developers, in order to address the technical challenges that the consortium must face in the coming months.

The technology solutions are about to be delivered, and the engineering works in order to integrate them in the ceramic and steel sectors are ready. The work to be done in the coming months will be the cornerstone to actually validate if such solutions achieve the expected objectives and impacts in terms of energy efficiency, environmental benefits and integration of renewable energies in such industries.

On the other hand, the replication of VULKANO integrated solution will be carried out in a third sector: aluminum, thanks to our Turkish partner ASAS.

In addition, during 2019, numerous events and conferences have been foreseen at national and international level that will provide relevant information on the technology solution and its validation at the demonstration sites towards the interested stakeholders. This events include scientific conferences, ad-hoc events and industry workshops in TORRECID (ceramic case) and VALJI (steel case).