//TORRECID opens its facilities to demonstrate the operation of the furnaces developed in VULKANO project

This accomplishes one of the objectives of the demonstrator focused on implementing the VULKANO solution in one of its industrial furnaces and increasing its energy and environmental efficiency. In this case, the demonstrator will validate three of the strategies that make up the integrated VULKANO solution, the new refractories developed, associated monitoring systems and the holistic and predictive tool.

Last September 18th and 19th, a meeting was held at Facilities of TORRECID, L’Alcora (Spain) within the context of the H2020 VULKANO project, led by CIRCE Foundation (www.fcirce.es).

We visited the TORRECID plant, hosting partner of the event and leader of the VULKANO demonstration in the ceramic sector, where we had the opportunity to see the furnace already in operation.

The meeting, with 27 participants from 12 partners, addressed issues such as the consolidation and improvement of the scope of the results, the final stage of the project (to 4 months of completion) to set times and lines to develop maximum efficiency and continuity of the innovative VULKANO post-project solution.


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