//The project partners celebrate a new Review and General Assembly meeting

The Vulkano project coordinator, CIRCE, hosted a new meeting among the project partners. The event, celebrated on 13th and 14th of December, comprised the General Assembly together with the Review Meeting.

Over thirty researchers attended the two-day meeting at CIRCE’s facilities, which allowed the partners to exchange their developments so far and to establish the next steps for the upcoming months.

As a general conclusion, the consortium could verify that the project was running smoothly and according to the initial planning at every field of development. This impresion was also reinforced by the acknowledgement of the Project Advisor to the partner’s works, and her messages of congratulations to the whole Vulkano team.

Another one of the main conclusions that the consortium came up to, was the complexity that 2018 represents and the challenges that Vulkano will have to face in this period to achieve its objectives. This is because the technology solutions will have to be completely ready in order to be implemented in the ceramic and steel industries and begin the industrial demonstrations.